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Queen Nav's Story - I want to do something for me

When I wrote Nav that she was to be Queen of the week, she wrote the kindest words back, I don't want to change a thing... <3

Hi Quinn,

I’m doing great and hope you are doing well. Thank you for choosing me for a “queen of the week.” I’m feeling very honoured. And yes, I would love to and answer your questions. You have my permission to feature any image you want and anything else I can be of assistance to get your story and name out. You are a beautiful person both inside and out. I feel honoured to have met you and thankful for the ever impactful and uplifting experience. You were very encouraging and positive from beginning to end of my session. Your hard work and dedication shines through your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for connecting again. Here are the answers to the questionnaire:

Why: it was to mark the beginning of my new journey, after lots of self work through therapy and counseling, I wanted to reward myself for my hard work. Also, a glimpse of a new, independent me proving to ppl (my husband) around me of beginning to put myself first before others.

Favourite part: was my first look at the instant shots during the shoot. Renewed my faith in Quinn 😊. I began to enjoy my poses and became more of myself as I was more comfortable after seeing how good I looked in the pics while shooting.

My story: was to do something for me for a change before thinking of my kids and husband first. The shoot has helped me see myself as a sexy woman. I find myself more attractive now. I have started to wear makeup and have made more friends. The shoot also marked a beginning of my new journey in life. I separated from my husband of 18 years. I moved out and moving to Victoria now to help achieve my dream job to be a flight attendant. I will be doing what I love in the meantime which is a passenger service agent at YYJ. I will have a roommate and my own place which I have always wanted (to be on my own).

I’m hopeful for my career and hope to meet someone wonderful one day.

I wouldn’t change my experience with Quinn for anything. From the moment I walked into her studio, my makeup and the finAl results, have been a wonderful experience. I love myself for giving myself the opportunity. I’m thankful for Quinn to help me shine.

So, now anytime I’m feeling hopeless, I just readjust my crown and march on 😉.

I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat. Please make a commitment to yourself to give yourself this one gift of a lifetime. And I promise you won’t regret it. I’m a living proof of a woman who feels more confident and comfortable about her self image.

Thank you Quinn for being you. Cheers



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