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Queen C - "I was able to feel free"

This was my first ever boudoir shoot. I've always wanted to do a shoot but, have always been self conscious of myself. When I was thin and ok with my body I suffered from psoriasis head to toe end was always covered up. After kids I gained a lot of weight but my psoriasis has went into remission for the most part, but still I don't feel comfortable in my skin.

Going into the shoot I was expecting to be uncomfortable, but it was nothing like what I expected... It was actually the complete opposite! Doing this shoot did a couple things for me, I feel now I can actually see in myself what so many others have been telling me for years and I'm glad I went through with it! The absolute best part of the shoot was how it made me feel, I felt confident and somehow I was able to forget lots of stressors I had been dealing with.

Quinn. Thank-you so much. The days leading up to my shoot were so terrible. With losing my best friend, to having a psoriasis outbreak from the stress to my kids ended up isolated, throwing my whole body out royally.... It was a really shitty couple weeks. As soon as I walked in to your studio everything melted away and I finally was able to have a few hours where I didn't feel sad. I didn't feel stressed. I was just able to feel free. Xo


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