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Boo-udoir Halloween Props Perfect for Spooky Queens

Calling all the Halloween-loving Queens! If Halloween sends shivers down your spine, but only in the best way, then this list of Boo-udoir accessories is perfect for you to bring for your next fa-boo-lous boudoir session.

Halloween Themed Lingerie

Of course, it wouldn't be a boudoir shoot without some flirty and fun lingerie sets, but for the spooky season enthusiasts out there, nothing says scary sexy more than some Halloween-themed lingerie. You may be wondering if there's any way you can avoid looking too tacky in your holiday-themed outfit, don't worry, there are quite a few costume adjustments you can make to give you that 'drop-dead' gorgeous boudoir look during your session.

When buying your sets, go for pieces that follow the colour scheme of Halloween, like orange and black, red and black or even throw in some dark green and purple. Simple lingerie is photographed just as stunning as the flashy stuff, and with a Halloween colour pallet, you can live out your dreams as a spooky Queen with no problem!

You can also purchase lingerie with tiny yet adorable details designed to showcase that Halloween spirit in a subtle way that doesn't take away from how bewitching you are! You can find outfits with small bejewelled skulls or look for sets with Halloween themes sewn into the fabric or lace. Small enchanting details really help bring the spooky to your boo-udoir session without going overboard.

Finally, make sure to be on the lookout for some fa-boo-lous lingerie that has small cute or sexy Halloween quotes or art on them. Although this may seem a bit cheesy, if the writing isn't too big and the images suit your magical personality, then a few photos in these sets are sure to have you feeling bad to the bone!

Fang-tastic Hair Accessories and Hats

If you'd consider yourself a Hallow-queen, then you'll most likely want to bring a part of your eerie-sistible costume to your boudoir session. If your costume comes with a spooky hair accessory or hat, don't be spooked to bring them along with you for your shoot. Crowns are perfect for bringing that enchanting glow to your photos, or grab a fun animal-themed headband to show off your wild side! For hats, any hat will do, but here are a few ideas if you're hoping to achieve that sexy Halloween look! Pop on a flirty sailor's hat, a cop's scandalous cap or a witch's cliche hat.

Mysterious Masks

Masks are a great add-on to Boo-udoir photos, they bring a mysterious and sexy feel to the pictures. This accessory is perfect for the spooky season and for the artistic Hallow-queens,

who like to tell an entrancing story with their photos. To get the perfect mystic look with masks during your session, make sure to only bring a mask that covers the eyes and not your entire Boo-tiful face. Lips are the best for bringing that spicy flare to your stunning photos, and you wouldn't want to cover up your bewitching features. Also, try to purchase masks with fancy lace or jewels to add that extra edge to your look.

Jaw-dropping Decor

More fang-tastic accessories that you should definitely drag with you to your Boo-udoir session fall under the Halloween decoration category. This doesn't mean bringing a giant life-sized skeleton to your shoot (unless you're into that), it means grabbing some Halloween goodies like ropes, candles, small skulls, and little pumpkins (or real ones!), costume accessories (like a wand or wings) and decorative hand-held mirrors. These ideas are easy to work with and perfect for bringing a spooky touch to your photos!

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