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Queen Valerie-"Appreciating My Body"

Queen V's story is a lovely reminder that women should always feel proud of their bodies and all the amazing things it's able to accomplish in a lifetime. I want to share her story with you, as I'm sure that for many of you, it can be easy to overlook your beauty and strength when the world around you is constantly moving and changing. For me, boudoir has always been a breath of fresh air, a chance to stop and see yourself in a new and positive light focused on self-appreciation and love.

-Quinn xx

I’m a mom of 2 little boys, and I’ve been married for 3 years. As most women know, kids or not, our bodies become less of something we love and more of something we always want to change. I took these photos to remind myself that my body has done some amazing things over the years, and I should embrace her and love her. I’ve struggled with my mental health for the past 4 years, and I’ve lost a part of me that I thought was gone forever.

Looking at my completed images brought her back, and I actually started to cry. Being a nurse, a mom, and a human during the pandemic has been very difficult, as it has been for a lot of people. This experience brought me back to life, and I’m so grateful For Quinn and her talent. My shoot was incredible! It was empowering and fun! I didn’t feel bad about myself at all during the whole experience, Quinn and her team made me feel nothing less than a queen!

I have told everyone I can, just take the pictures, have the experience, you won’t regret it!!! My husband has zero complaints, either. ;)

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