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Queen S's Story - Here's to Being 50 <3

This very special Queen just turned 50 and she ROCKED HER SESION!! Read below!

Have you ever done a boudoir shoot before?

-No, I have never done a boudoir shoot before.

This was something I wanted to do for me. I was turning 50 this year in October and wanted to do something to remember it. It has always been something way way down on the bottom of my bucket list never really thinking I would get the nerve to do. But with this pandemic and not a lot of ways to celebrate a "big" birthday - I thought this is it!! I never got married and so I never had the experience of a photographer taking professional photos of me. Someone doing my hair and makeup just for a photoshoot of me. I think that is special. What a way to truly mark and remember your 50th.

To be honest my favorite part was when Quinn taught me to see my "flaws" in a new positive light, and how to also accentuate my existing qualities. Turning 50, man it's like you wake up and gravity has taking over - overnight. The perky you that you see in your head that you believe is still you is not the one that is in the mirror anyone. I still think my boobs and ass are fantastic and that my arms don't flap in the wind - but who am I kidding when I stand next to a 21-year-old and I catch our reflection in the Starbucks door - like who is that old woman- its me. This was before the photoshoot

So, I wanted to feel sexy for a day...ok maybe longer. I mean who doesn't want to feel confident all the time. When Quinn asked me, what will I do with the photos - I want to hang the picture on my bedroom wall to see it every day!!!! Call it petty call it a self-confidence issues - I don't mind I just know having that picture over my bed makes me feel just a little more confident, a little more powerful and a damn lot sexier. I don't want to spend all that money and experience and have my pictures hidden in a photo album by my bed...hell no. Let me see it and remind myself everyday how beautiful I am, and I am worth it!

I was nervous on the days building up to the shoot but on the day I just let myself go and loved the whole experience. I had no expectations how my pictures would turn out Quinn was telling me I looked gorgeous and beautiful. I don't think anyone has ever told me that so many times in one day, let alone behind a camera. Doing the boudoir shoot for me, became much more than just being sexy, it really allowed me to see another side of myself that I didn't even known was there. The whole experience was a process of transferring your insecurities and forming them into acceptance. That by far the was the most challenging part of self-love and the best part. We’re all guilty of often being too harsh on ourselves and there’s no shame in being reminded of our self-worth and individuality and

Quinn you do a great job in bringing the Queen out in each of us!!


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