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Queen Skyla-"Loving Myself Once Again"

When faced with big changes in life, it can be difficult to see ourselves in a positive light, as we might have before. Taking the time to stop and appreciate these changes gives us the chance to view change as a positive step forward! The beautiful Queen S had the confidence to take that moment to breathe and appreciate herself and her accomplishments through her boudoir, and it sure paid off!

-Quinn xx

I had never done a shoot before! Quinn was the absolute best and made me feel comfortable and confident!

I had wanted to do a shoot as a gift to my soon-to-be husband on our wedding night, which also falls on his birthday.

My favourite part of the session was all the different sets, the greenery, somewhere open and airy. Some more bold and sexy, it was a great variety!

The photoshoot was for self-image as I had just had a baby and was finally starting to feel pre-baby/myself again, and I can definitely say I LOVED how I looked when I saw the pictures. Through my teen years, I struggled with self-image and self-worth until my mid-twenties; this was the perfect way to celebrate a new chapter in my life!

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