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Queen Ronda-"My New Book"

I believe that there's a ridiculous notion that women over 50 can't accomplish new things. For generations, society has pushed the misconception that older women are no longer capable of change, which is, c'mon now, completely and utterly bogus!!! Queen R is a beautiful and inspiring example of a women's power to create, build and accomplish. Starting on a new chapter at 52, she is an amazing role model that anything is possible despite what others may think or see.

-Quinn xx

My boudoir shoot was ALL for me! I am a 52-year-old woman starting a "New Book," never mind a new chapter. After adopting a new lifestyle of mental and physical health, I finally found the woman I was supposed to be.

Seeing this new Rhonda (who had never had pictures taken and didn't like her pictures taken), I decided a photo shoot to celebrate "The new book" was a must. I regret nothing! Quinn and her team made me feel like this process was totally normal. I have not felt that comfortable in my skin since my 20s.

I can't thank you and your team enough! When I started this process, I almost backed out 100 times... After seeing my pictures for the first time, I couldn't imagine not having had this experience. I also had a notion that I would never allow my images to be put on social media. Now I second-guess myself again!

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