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Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘ Nicole

Hello beautiful Queens, I'm so excited to share the gorgeous Queen N's story with you all! This stunning Queen was such a blast to work with, and I'm absolutely in love with how her photos came out! I'm so grateful she chose the studio for her session and enjoyed her journey with us the whole way through!

-Quinn xx

Why did I do a boudoir session? It's definitely something I have wanted to do for a while. Next year I am turning 40, and I decided this was something I wanted to check off from my "things to do before 40 list."

What was your favourite part of the session? Oh gosh, what wasn't? From hair and makeup to being posed for the camera and meeting all the plants that have names to the entire review and buying process, I loved every minute of my experience!

What did the shoot do for your confidence? I'm a fairly confident person, but seeing my final images makes me drool haha... I'm a babe, and I think I forgot that, so the experience definitely reminded me.

Was it what you were expecting? Yes, and more! I had no idea how pampered I would be. Even the house temperature was cozy, and I was never cold. Quinn and her team make you feel so comfortable in your own skin.

What was the best part of your experience? For me, it was not just being photographed but seeing the end product. It was cool to be in the experience and then to see the experience.

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