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Queen E - "See the Beauty in Myself"

This was my first boudoir shoot and I decided to do one to help find some body positivity and see the beauty in myself. When I told my boyfriend I was doing this he said he was happy I was doing this for myself and said it would be so good for my confidence. He hoped I would finally see myself how he sees me.

I have always just been "ok" with how my body looks and how I feel about it and I felt like I needed to find something to help myself feel beautiful. Doing a boudoir shoot with Quinn has helped me look at myself from a different perspective and see the beauty that I have been missing. My experience was better than I expected! I was expecting to feel somewhat uncomfortable and awkward but I definitely didn't. Quinn sure knows how to make a girl look and feel awesome!

What was your favoruite part of the session?

I loved all of it. It was a fun, positive experience all around. My favourite part of the experience was seeing my photos after! They were more amazing than I imagined they would be. I will definitely be recommending that my friends take part in a session!


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