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Queen Courtney-"Owning My Body Again"

Sometimes it can feel like we don't own our bodies, especially if you're a mom. When we spend each day devoting our energy to others, it can be hard to take the time for self-care and look out for ourselves. Queen C was a new mother at the time she booked her session, and she wanted to take a moment to appreciate and thank her body for all the amazing things it accomplished.

-Quinn xx

I wanted to do it to take over my body and feel hot again after having a baby a couple of months ago. My favourite part was the bedroom set and when you showed me sneak peeks of the pictures.

This shoot makes me feel like I own my body again. I was incredibly self-conscious after having a baby and felt so ugly. The shoot made me feel like I could be hot again, and the pictures were proof that my body looks amazing now, with stretch marks and all. It made me feel proud of my body.

The experience was more than I was expecting! I was pretty nervous and scared that I would feel uncomfortable, but you were amazing at being so welcoming and a great cheerleader.

The best part was feeling like an absolute queen. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Definitely recommending you! I have already told some friends about you!

Thank you so much, I had a blast, and I LOVE the pictures!

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