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Picking The Perfect Lingerie For Your Boudoir Shoot

If you know anything about Boudoir, you know it's all about celebrating your unique beauty and making sure you feel confident in your skin throughout your whole session. One of the most essential parts of your boudoir is picking out the right lingerie sets to match your personality and make you feel comfortable in your body!

Remember, no matter your body type, there are a ton of options out there that can make you feel like a superstar during your boudoir shoot, so with that said, let's explore some tips for inclusive lingerie choices.

1. Embrace Comfort

First and foremost, prioritize comfort. Lingerie should make you feel good, so pick pieces that you're at ease in. Your confidence shines when you're comfortable, and that's what boudoir is all about, so pick out options that can help you achieve this.

2. Show off Your Style

Lingerie comes in countless styles, from lacy and delicate to bold and vibrant. Find the style that suits your personality, makes you feel fantastic and ensures you stand out in your own positive way. Remember, your personality is part of what makes you beautiful!

3. Focus on Fit

The right fit can make a world of difference. Regardless of your body type, properly fitted lingerie enhances your natural beauty. Try to pick out lingerie options that flatter your gorgeous curves rather than tuck them away, or search for some options that offer you the support you need to be comfortable during your shoot.

6. Play with Colours

Colours can help lighten your mood and make you feel fabulous. Whether you prefer classic black, bold red, or soft pastels, choose colours that make you feel special and help you accentuate all of your unique qualities.

7. Accessories Matter

Don't forget about accessories! Adding stockings, garters, or a piece of statement jewelry can add that extra touch of glamour to your boudoir look. You can even bring some fun seasonal accessories to match the themes of your favourite holidays!

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