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How to stay on track when you're stuck at 'unmotivation' station

With the new year kicking off and the month of January nearly halfway completed, you may be feeling the full wrath of that "new year, new me" mindset, and not necessarily in a good way. First things first, that's okay!

Although the new year has been labelled as the perfect time to start a new and as an excuse to get started on all those resolutions, it can be challenging to feel motivated once the holiday season finally wraps up. With schedules filling up and responsibilities teaming up with everyday stressors, trying to stay on track and feel motivated can be harder than ever.

Don't worry, you aren't alone when it comes to these feelings! Many often overlook how busy the first months of the year truly are.

Here is a list of a few helpful tips and tricks you can try to help you stay on track during these stressful times.

1. Start a 5-minute journal

This one is as easy and simple as it sounds! Like its name, the 5-minute journal only takes 5 minutes to fill out twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and once right before bed. If you are someone who writes a lot, you may want to dedicate just a few more minutes to this daily mindfulness tool.

The 5-minute journal is the perfect tool when it comes to stopping your brain from steering straight into "burnout town." The journal is all about jotting down the things you are grateful for, what you hope to accomplish and writing down your daily affirmations. The journal also prompts you to write down the highlight of your day, no matter how significant it may have felt.

When you find yourself feeling down and in a rut, use the 5-minute journal as a grounding exercise and notice all of the positive components in your life instead of only focusing on the negatives.

*Note: This handy little tool can be created using a simple pen and journal, or it can also be purchased at your local Chapters/Indigo.*

2. Move

I'm sure you've heard this one 1000 times already, but if it didn't work, we wouldn't talk about it this much. Movement and exercise are key to ensuring that you can stay on track during busy times. Constantly pushing yourself to finish work, school or whatever it may be that is causing you to feel unmotivated only paves the way for more anxiety and stress. When you exercise or move, you are giving yourself a mental breather, which allows your brain to take a break without completely shutting down.

One of the best ways to engage in movement is by heading outside into nature. Fresh air and sunshine have been proven to improve cognition and motivation, all while alleviating some of that writer's block you may be feeling.

Try to dedicate at least 60 minutes each day to movement or exercise. Remember, it doesn't have to be intensive even the little activities spark motivation.

3. Stop saying no to going out

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by workloads and deadlines, one of the best ways to get yourself back on track is to socialize. Humans are social creatures and need to visit, laugh and spend time with others, regardless of what they wind up doing.

Even if your schedule is packed to the brim, make time for your friends and family and give yourself a moment's break from all the worry. Use this quality time as an opportunity to talk about the positives in your life and to reminisce on all the good memories from the past. Revisiting old memories can ignite old passions and dreams that will help you push forward in all your current responsibilities.

4. Be mindful of your body

During stressful and busy times, self-care is one of the first things that get neglected. It can be difficult to dedicate times out of your busy schedule to treating and pampering yourself but trust me, this is so so so important when it comes to staying on track.

Think of all the amazing and complex things your body does for you on a daily basis! When you really think about it, your body probably has a bigger agenda than you do. Why not show your body how proud you are of it and treat it to a nice spa day or a pleasant nap.

Self-care and rest will be crucial to curing that unmotivated mindset and will ensure that you avoid any signs of burnout in times when you need to be the most engaged and aware.

*Note: Self-love and pampering go hand and hand with boudoir, treat yourself to an empowering session and show your body the love it deserves!*

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