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Getting Ready for a Chilly Halloween: Stay Warm and Spooky!

With the weather bringing us snowy skies only a few days before Halloween, it's important to stay warm, especially if you plan to be out trick-or-treating or attending Halloween events downtown.

Here are some simple tips to help you prepare for this year's chilly Halloween and still have a spooktacular time!

1. Layer Up Under Your Costume

Will all the fun options out there for costumes, there's no doubt you'd love to still show off your creative choice despite the crisp weather. If you're wearing a costume, think about adding some extra layers underneath. Long-sleeve shirts, leggings, or even a warm sweater can help keep you cozy while you're out and about. Nobody likes to shiver in their spooky attire!

2. Warm Accessories

Much like adding a few extra layers to your fang-tastic look, you might want to consider picking out some cozy accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats. These fun accessories are not only stylish but will also keep you warm. You can find Halloween-themed accessories to match your costume or simply go for cozy ones in Halloween colours.

3. Comfortable Footwear

This one may go without saying, especially if you're planning on spending some time walking around outside this Halloween. Try to wear comfortable shoes or boots with warm socks. Halloween is a lot more enjoyable when your feet are snug and dry, especially if you're walking around the neighbourhood!

5. Stay Dry

This tip is so important to consider when it comes to surviving chilly weather! Make sure to check the weather forecast for Halloween night, and if it's going to rain or snow, try to bring an umbrella or a raincoat to stay dry. Wet costumes are no fun, and let's be honest, you only want to get sick from eating too much candy and not from the cold!

6. Treats for Warmth

If you think you'll find yourself getting thirsty during your Halloween activities, bring along a thermos with a warm drink like hot coco or apple cider. Sipping on something hot can help you stay toasty while you're collecting treats, it's a great way to keep those hands warm!

7. Plan Indoor Activities

If the weather is just too cold, consider changing your plans to fit a more indoor itinerary. You can have a Halloween movie night, play spooky board games, or even have a costume party at home.

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