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4 Boudoir Myths and The Real Truths Behind Them

I’m always excited to share my work and experiences within the boudoir industry. Boudoir has always been something I am proud of and will continue to be as I grow my business. Although I am lucky enough to have the chance to meet so many beautiful Queens, I often find that when it comes to boudoir, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths that can deter amazing women from stepping out of their comfort zones and booking a session.

I wanted to take some time to write down a few of the boudoir myths I’ve heard and hopefully clear the air on some topics. The reason I love my job as much as I do is that it gives me the chance to make every woman feel empowered and beautiful! Here are the four most common boudoir myths I’ve heard and their truths. Hopefully, this gives you a better understanding of this unique and amazing opportunity! <3 xox Quinn

1. Boudoir is only for petite women

I’m sure this misconception is one you’ve heard a lot on social media or the internet. It should come as no surprise that because of society’s ridiculous and unrealistic beauty standards, most of the pictures of women we see only showcase women who fit into the small box of “perfection.” Unfortunately, because of these unrealistic ideas, some boudoir photographers will even avoid taking photos of different body types simply because they have a twisted view of what is beautiful, which is likely why this myth is so widely circulated in the boudoir industry.

The Truth:

However, the truth to this misconception is that boudoir is for any body type, no matter what beauty standard social media may focus on. Each woman is unique and breathtaking in their own way, and it is so important that people understand that boudoir is about empowerment and showing off the parts of your body that make you, you. Even if you don’t think you

fit the “standard” or you’ve only ever seen petite women get photographed, this does not mean that you are any less deserving of booking a shoot and feeling beautiful. A body is a body that does a lot of hard work each day; take an opportunity to show it off and give it the love you know it so deserves.

2. It’s just sexy photos

Now, this is a myth I’ve heard too many times to count. Of course, you can consider boudoir simply as sexy pictures, but I promise you it’s not JUST sexy photos.

The Truth:

As I’ve mentioned in the previous myth, boudoir is about empowerment and making women feel and look beautiful. There is no doubt a sexy vibe to boudoir shoots, especially if that’s what you’re going for, but the truth is that you can get boudoir photos of all kinds that don’t just focus on the sensual side. I love shooting pictures of my gorgeous Queens in adorable and more modest lingerie dresses or body suits with their costume accessories that can range from books to hiking bags. Boudoir sessions are often customizable, making it easy for you to choose your range of photos from elegant and pretty to flirty and spicy.

3. Boudoir shoots are exclusively for intimate gifts to a partner

I’m always surprised when I hear this misconception! Although boudoir can be a perfect gift for your significant other, it can actually offer you so much more.

The Truth:

The truth about this myth comes from my experience in the industry. I’ve had several stunning Queens come in for a session with plans to gift the photos to their partner and leave excited to see the final products simply for themselves. There have also been times when a Queen’s significant other encouraged them to do the shoot to help them gain more self-confidence and feel empowered. Boudoir can be a lovely and intimate gift for your partner, but it can also be an opportunity for you to appreciate and admire your body and beautiful self.

4. You will be judged for getting a boudoir shoot

This myth is probably the most impactful myth out of the whole list, despite maybe always wanting to or always having an interest in boudoir. Many women will give up this unique opportunity because of this misconception.

The Truth:

Understanding that not everyone is open to the idea of boudoir is essential. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and ways of thinking. That being said, however, you should always have control over your body and be able to do the things you’d like free of judgment. There is nothing wrong with conversing with your partner about their concerns surrounding boudoir and ensuring they are well informed about what a boudoir shoot really is. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again, boudoir is about showcasing a woman’s beauty and giving them the chance to feel proud of their body and happy in their own skin. You should never have to feel ashamed about loving yourself. My studio has always been a judgment-free zone that I am lucky enough to use for empowering many breathtaking and downright amazing Queens.


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