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Queen I - My journey is not over


Is what I would have been doing if I had chosen to not do my boudoir shoot.

I had all the reason WHY I SHOULDN'T.

- I am too heavy

- I won't look good

- I am not good enough

- I will when I meet my weight goal

Well turns out losing weight and creating lifestyle change is not easy. A coach of mine not only inspired me to love myself now but to also inspire women to lead a healthier limitless lifestyle.

My journey is not over as on the date of my shoot I was still obese. When I look at my photos, I don't see any of the reasons on my why I shouldn't list. I see a strong beautiful woman who is gaining the confidence to make some serious loud noise on my journey to inspire others. I want to extend a huge thank you to Quinn for making the experience the most positive and comfortable one!"


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