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Fun and Spicy Halloween Costumes Ideas for You and Your Sweetie this Spooky Season!

1. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

We all know and love the steamy love story between spies Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) and John Smith (Brad Pitt). This iconic duo is the definition of sexual tension and forbidden love!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith offers a wide variety of flirty and fun Halloween costume inspiration. Nothing says sexy more than a black latex body suit and high-knee boots paired with your s/o in a classy and sharp black suit. Don't feel like going all out this year? Try recreating the spicy couple's famous look of oversized dress shirts, boxers/lingerie and rain boots.

Tip: If you're partying indoors, throw on a pair of red high-knee socks instead of boots.

2. The Mother of Dragons and her Rugged Lover, Kahl Drogo

Calling out all Game of Thrones fans!!! With the show's new spinoff hitting streaming services this year, this costume idea is more than fitting. This power couple radiates passion and heat, perfect for couples that aim to stand out at the clubs this Halloween. The Mother of Dragons is all about wild royalty, which means grabbing a tight-fitting dress and having fun with DIY messiness to really give you that untamed look. For Kahl Drogo, have your partner sport some fake fur and ripped fabric; they may feel a little exposed, but I promise that's what makes this couple's costume a flirty and wild adventure!

3. Mermaid & Fishermen

This costume is a fun and creative choice for any couple! This costume is also for busy couples who find themselves needing one last-minute. If you have a special place for glitter and sparkle, you'll love dressing up as a mermaid! Grab one of your tight skirts, mini or long; aim for a colourful one or one with sequins (The more sparkle, the better!). Then for the spicy part of the costume, get one of your favourite fancy push-up bras for your top; if you have a bejewelled one, it's a must! For the fishermen's costume, have your s/o style a pair of overalls and a fishing rod or fishing net (Dollar store toys work, too!). To make the costume sexier, make sure that your partner stays away from wearing a T-shirt; nothing is hotter than a shirtless man in overalls, am I right?

Tip: Purchase some body glitter for that perfect mermaid look!

4. Sandra Dee and Danny Zuko from Greece

This couple's costume is a Halloween classic! The 50s high school couple has many iconic looks for you to try, but if you want to wear something with your partner that's more on the fun and flirty side this year, go for the duo's famous all-black outfits seen at the end of the beloved musical. These matching outfits are easy to find and put together, all you need is tight black jeans and a tight black top or T-shirt for your s/o. Top of the costume with some fake cigarettes and hair gel!

Tip: Purchase a red leather-man jacket for the Danny Zuko part of the costume.


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