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Calgary's #1 Luxury Boudoir Photography by Quinn Teechma


Have you ever done a boudoir shoot?
If not, what's the biggest thing
holding you back?


What am I getting into?

Queen Sarah-008.jpg

What Can you expect coming into Queen Studios for a luxury boudoir session?

💜 See yourself from a different perspective

💜 An experience you'll NEVER Forget!

💜 Professional QUEEN makeover(Hair &Makeup)

💜 Posing and facial expression guidance

💜 All female staff


Peak Behind The Curtain...



Before & After

Gallery Of QUEENS

"A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none."
Marilyn Monroe

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Still Unsure?

A "Luxury Boudoir" experience with

Quinn Teechma is a step towards...​

Appreciating your body in EVERY stage of life.

Immortalizing your beauty & growth to     remind yourself on the hard days.

Choosing to celebrate yourself for a change when you do hit that milestone, get the promotion, or turn 40, 50, 60, 70+ years old. 

Remembering that you don't have to be so hard on yourself, we truly are our own worst critics. 

It's okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop dead gorgeous every once in a while! 

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                     INNER QUEEN

Queen Love Notes

Queen Sarah-046.jpg

Queen S

How empowering it is to see these photos of myself as a divinely sexy woman! Quinn and her team made the whole process so relaxed, fun and easy, from booking to finding outfits, to the poses and creative ideas, to picking out the final prints. Having hair and makeup included was huge, I felt like a movie star. I had an absolute blast, and would love to book a second shoot! ❤


Queen B

I have done other photoshoots, but with Quinn it was much more comfortable and she provided a lot of direction. I did my shoot because I believed that it would help with the lack of confidence I have always experienced and would take me out of my comfort zone. I loved meeting Quinn, sharing laughs and learning how to better pose. I have never seen myself as sexy, but the shoot definitely allowed me to explore a side that I hadn’t before.  I feel like my confidence has increased and I feel a lot better about showing off my body and even better in a bathing suit and lingerie than ever! Thank you so much for the experience and the opportunity to shoot with you and build my confidence!


Queen S

I was very nervous during my first session with Quinn. Not for long though! All the wonderful comments Quinn was giving me made me feel good about my body! I left feeling more confident! Even about my smile. Thinking my beautiful girls need some new family pictures in the near future. I want to thank Quinn who's now done three photoshoots of me. I loved every single one of them! Every single shoot made me feel super confident, sexy, very comfortable and beautiful! I've always left feeling good about myself! I would highly recommend doing something with Quinn ❤


Queen K

I want to thank Quinn so much for the opportunity to shoot with her over this past week. She truly is amazing at what she does, and knows how to make the environment comfortable, and so much fun. I'm super appreciative to have been able to do this shoot with her as it was a huge confidence booster for me. Being a young Mom, and having had so many changes to my body happen at a young age, it was such a great feeling to be a part of something so body positive- especially with someone who truly cares about making you feel beautiful. I'm extremely excited with how these photos turned out and would highly recommend anyone looking to shoot, to do it with Quinn! ❤


Quinn Teechma
CEO & Owner of
Queen Studios YYC
Phone: (250) 927-0980

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